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Everybody Needs a Coach!

iHope Coaching assists its clients to achieve results that help them live a victorious and balanced life — their BEST life. By providing customized strategies, solutions,  and tools tailored to your individual needs, we assist you in becoming equipped to ignite and sustain your personal transformation. This leads to living with more peace and courage, less stress, and better results! Does that sound like the kind of life you want to live? If so, contact us below.

“The best advice I ever got was that everybody needs a coach.”
~ Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google

Your Benefits of iHope Coaching Services

iHope Coaching will help you transform your breakdowns into breakthroughs. The foundation of our practice is based upon Biblical spiritual principles for victorious and balanced living. These principles will empower you to finally overcome barriers and achieve your goals and personal breakthroughs. They are especially effective in helping you through seasons of transition you may be going through.

With iHope Coaching, you can:

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.
  • Get clear on what you want in each major area of your life.
  • Discover exciting ways to love your life and be inspired to live it well.
  • Focus and act upon positive possibilities rather than upon your worries and personal blame for past mistakes.
  • Create a vision for an exciting life that aligns with your God-given purpose!
  • Learn to approach your goals so that you actually achieve them.

We provide individual and group coaching.

We also facilitate workshops, seminars and retreats. Together, we’ll explore what’s holding you back from living the life you desire. You’ll  experience increased clarity, peace of mind, and spiritual empowerment through our online and live events.

Satisfied Clients

Each of these clients experienced increased personal fulfillment and success:

iHope Coaching

“After dealing with a year of extended illness, I needed to get refocused and organized on both long-term and short-term goals. I engaged Evangeline to help me get back on track. She helped me to set and achieve goals, helped me get some wins under my belt and even encouraged me to get the mental rest and spiritual renewal I needed. I highly recommend her as a life coach and success partner.” ~T. Tisdale

I’m hopeful now! iHope Coaching was the kickstart I needed to get unstuck about my career. Evangeline helped me to face my fears and take easy action steps to move forward.” ~ S. Rath

“These eye-opening sessions with Evangeline were action-oriented and helped me to lessen the fear that seemed ever-present. She helped me start encouraging myself (like I do others) and to reduce the overwhelm I was experiencing. The sessions provided a spiritual foundation for me to courageously take my next steps.” ~ M. Morales

“In a short period of time, the life coaching process helped me to identify the out-of-balance areas of my life. The ‘thinking out loud’ process gave me a fresh perspective on my life and helped me identify specific actions I can take towards achieving my life goals.” ~ E. Neely

“These sessions were literally an answer to prayer. Evangeline was a good listener and provided the tools I needed to easily develop a vision for my life and then take action to make it happen.” ~ P. Raby

Coaching Can Help You Create Your Futurecoaching

What current challenge are you facing? If you are ready to commit to take steps so that you move forward, fulfill your dreams, and live to win, contact us using the form below. We will help you determine which one of our coaching programs is right for you.

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Coach Evangeline Colbert

Evangeline Colbert is a Certified Professional Coach. Her desire is to help you see beyond your current situation, and move forward to live life with God-inspired vision and clarity. With her cutting-edge strategies for victorious and balanced living,  you’ll have courage to take action so that you experience victory over your challenges and see your dreams fulfilled.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.” ~Proverbs 13:12 (NLT)

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