How to Mix Expectancy with Your Faith

Faith in God is required to live a life filled with His love and His blessings. Faith in Him means we believe He exists and that what He says is what will be. The more we focus on Him and believe in what He has said in His Word, the more we change how we think.

But simply believing is not enough. We must mix expectancy with our faith. We must expect that God will do what He said He will do. Expecting God to come through on our behalf means that  we trust what He has promised. And when we trust His integrity about His promises, we  can live anticipating that His promises will be manifested. What is that expectation called? Hope.

hope - H.O.P.E.

Hope is having positive, confident expectations. Hope is vital!

Live everyday expecting good to come your way.

Look forward and anticipate God’s wonderful promises being manifested in your life. Psalm 7:13 encourages us to do so:

“What would have become of me if I had not believed to see the goodness of the Lord?”

“…believed to see.” That’s expectation. Notice the order of the words– it’s not see to believe, it’s believed to see. Believing with expectation comes first and then seeing/manifestation comes afterward. Expectation is a high level of confidence that something will happen, in this case, that the goodness of God will be manifested. Instead of having a fearful attitude about your life’s circumstances, maintain an expectant mental attitude when it comes to what you desire to receive from God. It’s always helpful to focus on Jesus’ love and integrity and not allow fear to diminish your hope.

When you pray, do you expect to receive what you’ve requested from God? Expectancy should be mixed with your faith. Not only are you asking God to do something that He has already promised in His Word, you are also mixing expectancy with your faith in His promises. You do so by looking forward to the fulfillment of the promises and by acting as if that fulfillment will occur.

I once read a story of a little boy whose town had been experiencing drought conditions for quite some time. He asked his mother if they could pray together and ask God for rain. She did so willingly, excited that her son wanted to Faith and Expectancy - umbrella and raincommunicate with and trust God. Later that day, as they left home to run errands, the little boy walked out of the house with an umbrella. His mother asked him why he was taking  an umbrella when there was not a cloud in the sky. He replied, ” Because we asked God for rain.” He expected God to answer his prayer!

When you pray using God’s Word, having faith in His promises, walk away from that time spent with God expecting Him to come through on your behalf. Do so even if it means expecting Him to make a way where there seems to be no way.

The Bible is clear, nothing is impossible with God! What good thing will you expect God to do on your behalf today?

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  1. Surprised I didn’t see this before. I have been doing an Andrew Wommack study, and reading this post today was a confirmation! God is sooooooooooooogood!

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