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Live to Win

Live to Win!  5 Essentials for Your Victory and Success

Victories don’t come by accident. You need a strategy if you want to win in life. But not just any strategy…you need one that incorporates the wisdom and power of God so that you can live to win.
Live to Win! provides universal principles and strategies to help you think and live like a champion. They are simple and easy to implement. You will begin to experience victories in the critical areas of your life:

Spiritual Well-being
Physical Health
Mental Health

By using the tips, strategies, and worksheets in Live to Win!, you’ll gain a deeper and more actionable understanding of how to experience the victory and rest that Jesus promised you.
Here’s help so that you can stop living like a victim…God created you as a victor. It’s time to live like one!

Within these pages, you’ll discover how to hit a home run in life by applying these five powerful, results-oriented strategies:

BELIEVE you’ll win.
ASK, and then ACT as if you’ve already won.
SPEAK victory into your life.
EXPECT to experience success.
STAND until you see victory manifested.

Live to Win! will become your playbook– your blueprint for successful living– and you’ll live like a CHAMPION!

Question: In what ways have you struggled with feeling defeated? Please leave your comment here.

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Praise for Live to Win:

“This book was placed on my heart after asking God what should I share with the women on our cruise to encourage them to move to another level with Him. Each chapter had a wonderful effect on us. We studied each morning and used the book’s tools and affirmations, the women expressed how it helped them throughout the day. God moved through each page as I watched the ladies’ nods of heads and tears, as divine revelation leaped off the pages. I now recommend Live to Win every opportunity I have.” ~L. Wright

“As a coach and mentor, I often encounter people who struggle with adversity. This book provides practical instruction on overcoming obstacles and developing strategies for victorious living. ” ~G Man, Amazon customer

“What an excellent book! Reading Live to Win felt like one unearthed a treasure trove of golden wisdom!!  I especially liked the “hands on” activities at the end of each chapter… invaluable coaching on how to succeed in life!” ~M. Means, Amazon customer

“Live to Win is a powerful tool that needs to be in the hands of everyone looking to experience victory in any area of life. Evangeline has given us powerful strategies that are packed with the wisdom of God. She outlines five essential principles that become blueprints and pathways leading to successful living. These are all based on the promises of God and they help the reader easily transform the way they live.”
~Dr. Frederick R. Browning, Senior Pastor of SonRise Faith Community Center and Author of Dream Your Destiny