[Guest Post by Nerida Walker] God’s Will for Your Life is FRUITFULNESS!

Today, it my honor to share a guest post from Nerida Walker. I’m thankful that she too shares a message of hope for those struggling with infertility. If you’re not familiar with her story of overcoming infertility, read it HERE


Nerida WalkerHave you ever felt like God has forgotten you, abandoned you or is answering everyone else’s prayers but yours? We have all at some point in our journey felt this way and while these times feel very real, the reality could not be further than the truth.  It is very easy when struggling with infertility to lose sight of the goodness of God. Especially when another menstrual cycle begins. Therefore, I want to help you to overcome the times of doubt and despair by reminding you of what you already through Jesus and His finished work of the Cross.

I have listed below some Biblical truths to remind you that God’s has not abandoned you and that Fruitfulness is His plan and purpose for your life. So next time you feel forgotten or are struggling in your journey, encourage yourself with the following…

1) God created mankind to be FRUITFUL!

When God created Adam and Eve, He Blessed them and commanded them to be fruitful (Genesis 1:26-28). This was NOT just for Adam and Eve but for all of mankind. Even after the fall when fruitfulness was thwarted, God made provision for His children to be fruitful. We see this all throughout the Covenant God made with Israel. The Bible tells us that God does not change His mind and that He does not show favoritism so the simple truth is that God’s will for those who are in Covenant with Him is to be fruitful!

2) Infertility and miscarriage are NOT creations of God.

God only created everything good! James 1:17 tells us ONLY good & perfect gifts come from God. In the beginning infertility and miscarriage did not exist because God did not create them! Romans 5:12 tells us that death came through sin. This means ALL forms of sickness and disease, including those that cause infertility and miscarriage, resulted from the Fall. But don’t despair, because while we live in a fallen world where sickness and disease reign, always look to Jesus and His finished work on the Cross, because through Him God made provision for you to be made whole!

3) Gods will & plan for your life is what Jesus has ALREADY done for you!

Many struggle to know God’s will for healing of infertility BUT God’s will is very easy to determine!God’s will for your life is NOT what your circumstances, diagnosis, symptoms or your past experience says BUT is what Jesus did for you on the Cross! Jesus is the will of God for ALL of mankind, so what Jesus purchased & provided is God’s plan and purpose for your life!

4) Jesus has ALREADY won the battle of infertility for you!

If you understand what Jesus completed and perfected for you on the Cross then you will know that you don’t have to fight infertility any more! Jesus was the last Adam who came and redeemed mankind from everything that the first Adam bought upon us. We know that Jesus took the sin of the world to the Cross, but at the same time & in the same manner He also bore sickness and disease.  This includes any sickness and disease that can cause infertility and miscarriage! So don’t labor or strive against infertility in your own ability, instead REST in what Jesus has already freely provided for you!

5) God does NOT show Favoritism!

Some believe God chooses who receives Salvation and who doesn’t, who gets healed and who doesn’t and even who get babies and who doesn’t BUT the reality is that the victory Jesus purchased on the Cross is freely available to all who believe in Him!

2 Corinthians 1:20 NLT tells us that ALL of the promises of God have been FULFILLED in Christ and are always YES and AMEN (so be it) in Him! So it is time to unlearn all the traditions and doctrines of men and stick to Jesus & His finished work instead!

And lastly always remember…

6) The consistency of God’s nature!

Many falsely believe that God can do anything He likes BUT this is inconsistent with what Scripture says about Him. God’s Word is so clear on His nature and character! It tells us that God has bound Himself to His Covenant and to His Word and that means that God CANNOT:-

Change His mind or will

Change His nature

Lie or prove false

Break or go back on His Word

Alter His Covenant

Therefore, if you understand the New Covenant and what Jesus has purchased for you through His finished work on the Cross then you will KNOW that God cannot block, stop, withdraw or delay what Jesus has ALREADY provided for you!

These are foundational truths on the goodness of God and His plan of fruitfulness for your life! So next time you feel forgotten or abandoned remind yourself on what God has already provided for you through His Son. The more you look to Jesus, the less you are looking to yourself or to your natural circumstances. This will also help you to rest in His ability rather than in your own ability. Then you will see His power released in your life.

It was an honor to write this for you! I pray this post will continue to bless and encourage you and it is my prayer that infertility and whatever is causing it will be annihilated once and for all so that you will continue to go forth, be fruitful and MULTIPLY!

(C) Nerida Walker 2015


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17 thoughts on “[Guest Post by Nerida Walker] God’s Will for Your Life is FRUITFULNESS!

    1. Betsy, thanks for sharing this with others. Nerida shares important thoughts in this post that are applicable to other challenges in life in addition to infertility.

  1. What happens when a woman is approaching 50, has entered menopause, and is still childless after years of waiting on God? Add to this a spouse rendered impotent by diabetes. How are these promises going to be fulfilled? And yes, as a Christian since childhood, I am more than familiar with the stories of Sarah and Elizabeth.

    1. Martha, I’m sure this has been a tough path for you. I realize I don’t have all the answers to your dilemma but I do want to encourage you with the ultimate answer—Jesus’ finished work on the cross was effective, perfect, and powerful enough to bring us out of whatever troubles life throws at us.

      Some important points to remember:

      1. Nothing is impossible WITH God. This does not say FOR God, it says WITH God, as in together with Him. He’s on our team because of the covenant we have through Jesus’ blood. We need to continually remind ourselves of His love for us. And remember how He is always present WITH us, desiring to exhibit His power on our behalf.

      2. The joy of the Lord is our strength. The best way to stir up our joy in the midst of doubts and sadness is through gratitude. We need to find things, big and small, to be thankful for throughout each day. This helps us to keep our minds focused on God’s love for us and brings peace to our minds.

      3. God’s words are life and health to ALL our flesh. Our entire body can be influenced and healed by God’s Word (Proverbs 4:20-22).

      4. We have to accept God’s Word as our truth. It’s not enough to have mental knowledge of what the Word says. We must accept it as our own truth in the face of dark circumstances so that the truth will make us free.

      So even in the midst of seemingly impossible circumstances, we can stand on God’s promises, believing they are TRUTH for our circumstances. We can be grateful for that truth and God’s unfailing love. We can believe He has made a way for His truth to be powerful enough to change the facts of our circumstances.

      Stay encouraged by the Word and keep a hope-filled focus!

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