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Maintaining a Strong Marriage During Infertility

This blog post on maintaining a strong marriage first appeared here a couple of years ago. This past weekend a friend reminded me that the keys to a good marriage are good to keep top-of-mind during this season, so I thought I’d share this again.

A Strong Marriage Takes Work

Maintaining a successful marriage takes work under “normal” circumstances. It is especially important to work at maintaining a strong, hope-filled, and love-based marriage during the stressful circumstances added by a season of infertility.

Here are some important keys about love as God intended a husband and wife to experience it. Focus on how love REALLY is and not as it’s portrayed on television, in romance novels, and online. Focus on God’s love for you and how He wants you to love your spouse. Get more tips and encouragement in my e-book, Infertility Sucks! How to Maintain Hope in Your Marriage During Infertility.

I know the struggle is real. Which of these keys are you using “on purpose” in your marriage to keep it strong?


Strong Marriage


Focus Friday – Love in Marriage

Maintaining a successful marriage takes work under “normal” circumstances. It is especially important to work at maintaining a strong, hope-filled, and love-based marriage during the stressful circumstances added by a season of infertility.

Here are important some keys about love, as God intended it to be experienced between husband and wife. Focus on how love REALLY is and not as it’s portrayed on television, in romance novels, and online. Focus on God’s love for you and how He wants you to love your spouse.

Get more tips and encouragement in my ebook, Infertility Sucks! How to Maintain Hope in Your Marriage During Infertility.


Love and Marriage


Communication During Infertility

Communication in a marriage is of utmost importance; it is critical if the marriage is going to be the best it can be. Without open and authentic communication, intimacy is negatively affected and that in itself opens the door to other problems. 

Mark 10:9 – What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.

James 1:19 – Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.

Find help about how to strengthen your marriage during infertility in my book, “Infertility Sucks! How to Maintain Hope in Your Marriage During Infertility.”

Today’s post is taken from my friend’s blog over at In-Due-Time. Caroline Harries’ husband, Colby, shares great insights about maintaining open communication and expressing from the heart during their infertility journey. 

Communication is vital to relationships and essential to marriages. We have all heard, experienced, and accepted this important truth. Yet it is these types of foundational truths that we can also take for granted and miss if we become complacent. And communicating specifically in the area of a marriage that is going through infertility is something that has come up for us numerous times. I recently realized where I may have missed key communication that caused recurring heartache for us. Hopefully this will help other couples identify a potential area of hurt and miscommunication.

Read more…

Communication in Marriage

What do you do to maintain open communication with your spouse? 

The Good Thing I’ve Enjoyed For 33 Years

I’ve enjoyed a good thing for 33 years…being married to the guy that God gifted to me through “holy matrimony” in 1982.

good thing - wedding


These 33 years of married life have had their ups and downs but we’ve been blessed to experience a very high rate of ups!

Here are a few of the downs:

good thing - downs

  • The death of my father 6 months after we got married. My biggest regret about his death is that my children never got to know him as “Granddaddy.” He would have made a  wise and fun one!
  • My layoff from my job.
  • My mother’s bout with cancer.


Here are the few of the ups:

good thing - ups

      • My mother lived to see, hold, and pray for each of my children.
      • JOB SECURITY!!! Freeman has never been laid off from his job.
      • Discovering Family Life’s “Weekend to Remember” getaway. It’s a booster shot for our marriage. We’ve attended this event more than a dozen times!
      • We OVERCAME infertility using God’s Word
        • Gave birth to 3 wonderful children
        • I became a stay-at-home mom 🙂
      • Cancer has no authority in our family anymore.
      • My in-laws love me!
      • Freeman’s in-laws love him! 🙂
      • I became an author (NEVER planned for that to happen!)


I’m so glad today is my wedding anniversary. But more importantly, I’m so thankful to be sharing life with a man who loves God and loves me unconditionally and allows me to return the favor!


In honor of Freeman and our 33 years of being married, I’d like to share with you something a wise woman passed on to our church in 2013. It struck me as one more way that I can be selfless and focus on the good qualities my husband possesses (and that I desire him to possess).

Daily Confessions For My Husband

(Original version shared by Glorya Huff at SonRise in 2013)

He has the Meekness of Moses

The Patience of Job

The Ear of Samuel

The Courage of Joshua

The Strength of Sampson

The Discipline of Daniel

The Integrity of Joseph

The Heart of Boaz

The Focus of David

The Peace of Paul

The Steadfastness of Peter

The Love of John

And most of all, he has the Mind of Christ.

Freeman is my Mighty Man of GOD!


Here’s a link to a PDF of this confession. Why not personalize it and use it to speak goodness over your husband AND to help you focus on the goodness that’s already in him?

Daily Confessions For My Husband TEMPLATE


A Black Friday Just for Books–The Read Tuesday Event

Read Tuesday

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This is the season of bringing hope to others and I can’t think of a better way to share the hope of God’s promises of fertility.

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Thanks, and happy reading!

Infertility Encouragement

Infertility Sucks coverToday, I’m sharing an excerpt from my book, Infertility Sucks!How to Maintain Hope in Your Marriage During Infertility.

Infertility is stressful. No doubt about that! When you look for articles with helpful information, most articles about the impact of infertility on marriage are full of doom and gloom. They tell you to expect breakdown in communication, permanent loss of joy in sex, etc. As predictors of what can happen, they fall short of supplying any hope for a loving, long-lasting, and strong marriage after this struggle has “run its course.”


Here are three of the 7 tips I share in Infertility Sucks! that will help you manage the stress of infertility:

  1. Discuss how you can help each other feel safe in sharing difficult and emotional thoughts. This may take time to achieve, depending on how you’ve dealt with them so far and how open your lines of communication are right now.
  2. Pray together. If you’ve not done this before, it may feel awkward at first. To help reduce the awkwardness, write out the prayer you want to pray and use it as a starter. Consider scheduling the time and then be sure to respect your spouse and keep the appointment. Husbands, I encourage you, as the spiritual leader of your family, to be open to initiating these prayers. The side benefit of doing so is that your wife will find it VERY sexy!
  3. Be proactive. Take some time to think and then discuss with your spouse what your response will be to troubling circumstances. Define and put in writing your “will do’s” and your “will not’s”. For example, decide now that divorce is not an option. Infertility can begin to put a squeeze on your finances as well and that adds another level of pressure that must be addressed with open and honest communication. Seek God for direction as you make decisions about managing your money wisely as you continue to have doctors visits, procedures and treatments. Setbacks from these things can bring about an enormous amount of stress. Be proactive and secure your relationship on a foundation of commitment to each other and to Jesus.

Of course you’ll find lots of other tips, activities, practical examples, and encouragement in Infertility Sucks!

I’m honored to give you another opportunity to hear some words of encouragement tonight (1/23/14). Sonja Sells will interview me on Blog Talk Radio’s Breath Inspired broadcast. You can listen on your computer or mobile device. Here’s the link:

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Ebook — Infertility Sucks! — is Now Available

Infertility Sucks AVAILABLE

“Infertility Sucks! How to Maintain Hope in Your Marriage During Infertility” is now on the bookshelves of your virtual bookstore!

It’s available on Amazon.com and Smashwords.com. Look for it to be available soon on iTunes and Barnes and Noble.

Here’s the description of the ebook:

“Infertility Sucks!” is written from the perspective of Evangeline Colbert’s victory over infertility. It gives practical advice on how to address the spiritual aspect of infertility, how to manage stress in the midst of infertility, and how to make sure your marriage not only survives but thrives.

Infertility is a huge stressor in a marriage and many couples don’t survive its pressure. Numerous couples suffer in silence, experiencing incredible shame, pain, and disappointment month after month. Couples will gain insights from chapters covering: Seven Strategies to Manage Stress in Your Marriage, How to Maintain Hope During Infertility, The Advantages of Affirmations and much more.

A prayer for those desiring children is included along with much more information about the spiritual aspect of infertility.

There are also activities included in the book to get you started in taking action to increase your hope and to protect and strengthen your marriage.

 You must have tenacious hope in this struggle and “Infertility Sucks!” shows you how.

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Infertility Sucks! – ebook

Infertility Sucks cover

I’m pleased to announce that my ebook, “Infertility Sucks! How to Maintain Hope in Your Marriage During Infertility,” is done!  This book encourages couples whose lives are affected by infertility. It gives practical tips on  how to manage stress in the midst of infertility, how to address the spiritual aspect of infertility, and how to make sure their marriage not only survives but thrive.

“Infertility Sucks!” will hit the virtual bookshelves on 12/1/13.

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You never know who in your sphere of influence is silently suffering through infertility or who may know someone else who is. This book could be just what they need.

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And the Winner is…

Many thanks to all of you who voted on what the cover of my next book, Infertility Sucks! How to Maintain Hope in Your Marriage During Infertility, should look like (see my 10/22/14 post) .

Too many marriages end up scarred and sometimes broken due to infertility. This ebook, which will be released before the end of 2013, will give you practical tips about how to manage stress in your marriage in the midst of dealing with infertility. It will also encourage you, strengthen and increase your hope, and will give you meaningful affirmations to speak over your life as you wait with confident expectancy for the blessing of a child.

You can request a FREE excerpt of Infertility Sucks! How to Maintain Hope in Your Marriage During Infertility  at www.evangelinecolbert.com. Soon, the ebook will be available to purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes.  When you visit my website, be sure to also request information about our upcoming iHope Infertility Retreat in Spring 2014 and iHope Coaching (our spiritual empowerment coaching service).

Now, back to the cover.

The winner, by a 2-to-1 margin, is:

Infertility Sucks cover FINAL

[FYI– the subtitle will be added to the cover design.]

Thanks again for all of your comments. They will help me make this book the best it can be!

And now, a question for you: What kind of information are you looking for about maintaining hope during infertility?

I’d love for a future post/ book/article to address your specific concerns and needs. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below or, if you prefer, email them to me at Evangeline@evangelinecolbert.com.