Did You Know There’s a SPIRITUAL Aspect of Infertility? #NIAW

It’s National Infertility Awareness Week. Are you aware that there’s a spiritual experience associated with infertility?

Many people ignore the spiritual aspect of infertility.

It is so easy to lose focus on the spiritual nature of infertility when the physical aspect consumes your thought life and begins to overtake your daily life. You and your spouse can become so obsessed with finding the cause and the cure for your situation that it can rob you of your peace. When you’re not experiencing peace, you’re likely to ignore the one thing that can bring about the solution you’re looking for.

Spiritual Unrest

Some studies have shown that the degree of severity of a physical disease is often related to the degree of emotional and spiritual unrest being experienced by the patient. That unrest must be addressed. This is why it is important to strengthen yourself spiritually while dealing with infertility. Acknowledge the need to ask God for wisdom when faced with overcoming the enemy called “Infertility.” It may seem like a Goliath-sized enemy to you, but for God, “Infertility” is already a defeated foe because of what Jesus accomplished through His death and resurrection.

Infertility is not too hard for God to break or destroy. God said so when he defeated infertility in Sarah’s life:

“Is anything too hard for the Lord?” ~Genesis 18:14

The story of each woman in the Bible that struggled with infertility ended with her becoming an overcomer and giving birth, no matter her age, socio-economic status, or how long she had been infertile.

Stay WITH God

Luke 18:27 shows that Jesus said, “The things which are impossible with men are possible WITH God” (emphasis mine). That preposition, “with,” is an important word because it means “in close proximity to”.  You can come close and join yourself WITH Him by asking Him for help and for wisdom in the decisions you make, by reading His word, and by speaking and meditating His Word.

Even if you feel as if God has turned his back on you and no longer hears your prayers, look to Him. When is seems like God is ignoring you (He’s not), look to Him. Even though things haven’t changed after you’ve begged, cried, and pleaded in your prayers, look to Him. And yes, when you find yourself thinking, “I’ve had enough of this. Let’s just throw in the towel and give up,” look to Him. Why? Because the bottom line is, He has never left your side. He loves you immensely and wants His best to be demonstrated in your life. You have an enemy but it is not God, it’s Satan. Jesus is the One who has the power to eradicate this issue and He desires to do so. He needs you to know that He is there with you, standing with you in the face of this enemy. Then you can have faith that He always keeps His promises.

Make a Decision

Make a decision to consistently address the spiritual aspect of infertility.  It will make a positive difference! Trust that God’s Word is true for you. Keep your focus on His promises of fertility. Ask for a fresh revelation of His love for you. It will bring you guidance, comfort, and ultimately, greater peace.

“You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You: because he trusts in You.”
~ Isaiah 26:3

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you: but not as the world gives… Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” ~ John 14:27

Find more direction about how to spiritually address infertility… check out my fertility devotional, A Seed of Hope: God’s Promises of Fertility.

spiritual aspect of infertility-A Seed of Hope

NIAW 2016

National Infertility Awareness Week–Ask Questions During NIAW!

It’s NIAW! There are lots of questions being asked about infertility this week in an effort to raise awareness. Hopefully there are many conversations being started about infertility’s impact on women, marriages, and families.

I want you to consider asking a question from a spiritual standpoint:

Ask God what it is that you still need to see in His Word so that you can believe He has already delivered you from the yoke of infertility.

His Word is able to change any impossibility into…I know I should say “possibility” here but a possibility does not convey the certainty and firmness of receiving what you’re desiring. What you want is not just a possibility. What you want is what He has promised–that none would be barren (Deuteronomy 7:13-14).

Here’s an excerpt from my soon-to-be-released book, Live to Win!, that may shed some light on asking God:

Ask God, knowing He’s the One who loves you like no other. Ask Him with confidence that He is not only able to meet your needs but He is also willing to do so in abundance. God is Spirit and He tells us that He has ears that hear with excellent clarity (Psalm 27:7). When you call to Him, He hears you. He always keeps His promises and His power and goodness are always available—just ask!

Scripture says in 1 John 5:14 that when we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. The Bible is His will. So if God said it in the Bible, you can ask Him for it in Jesus’ name, and you can have confidence that He has heard you. Verse 15 goes on to say that if we know that He has heard us, then we can know that we have what we have asked of Him.

So during NIAW, ask practical questions about your health to your health care provider and ask how you can help encourage someone else suffering with the disease of infertility. Ask your government officials how they can help prod insurance companies to give better health care coverage. Ask your employer how they can get involved in the NIAW movement.

BUT MOST OF ALL, ask God where your answer is in His Word. He will be faithful to show it to you when you take the time to ask, listen, and then look for it.  Ask what it is in His Word that will meet your need and change your circumstances.

NIAW  #StartAsking

Focus Friday

I chose this scripture partly because of  National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW).

I pray that it gives you hope! 

Focus on this scripture throughout the day. It’s God’s Word and it’s what He desires us to believe. Believe it is true for you because God’s Word is Truth. Use it as an affirmation. Speak this Word to yourself throughout the day. Personalize it by putting your name in it!


The Goddess of Fertility and Me

I know what you’re thinking…Goddess of Fertility??? Before you think I’ve really lost it, let me introduce you to a new friend I met as I was preparing for the National Infertility Awareness Week, #NIAW.

Donna McIntoshRecently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Donna McIntosh, the Goddess of Fertility. Donna, who personally experienced infertility, has made it her mission to help couples understand the role NUTRITION plays in overcoming infertility. She holds a Master’s in Holistic Nutrition and has a background in massage therapy. Donna believes that sub-optimal fertility is often related to sub-optimal health. She seeks to empower both women and men to positively influence their fertility with their food and lifestyle choices. She also acknowledges the spiritual aspect of infertility.

Donna’s individualized services and programs are all virtual –  meaning it doesn’t matter where a client lives.  She consults via computer and phone, either individually or in groups. She has worked with people in many U.S. cities as well as in London, England. Donna also works as a consultant with various IVF clinics in southern California. Take a look at her free report available on her website at The Goddess of Fertility.com.

I hope you’ll enjoy our interview where she explains how she got the name “Goddess of Fertility” and shares some specific tips that may help you.


DISCLAIMER: The opinions and statistics stated by Donna McIntosh are not expressly endorsed by Evangeline Colbert. Consult your medical professional.

A Seed of Hope

Two years ago this month, I released my first “real” book, A Seed of Hope: God’s Promises of Fertilitya devotional that encourages women and gives tips about how to have hope during infertility

Paperback Edition
Paperback Edition

I was totally new to being an author. Writing it was a labor of love. It was a result of a long incubation period, repeatedly mulling over what I should say in it. Releasing it was a birthing process filled with anxiety, stress, and self-doubt. And yet, when I finally let it go into the digital meatgrinder of Smashwords.com and into the mouth of the online behemoth Amazon, I felt so relieved!

Here’s what a reader/fellow blogger thinks about A Seed of Hope:

“Thank you so much for your encouragement! I could send you a thank you card every day of the week for how much your testimony and faith has helped me.” 

[ Elisha at www.waitingforbabybird ]

April 21-26, 2014 will be National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), sponsored by RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association.I’d like to celebrate my book release anniversary and NIAW by sending you a signed copy of A Seed of Hope. You can order it via PayPal–click here. A portion of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to RESOLVE., an organization that educates and advocates on behalf of those struggling with infertility.

If you’ve read the book, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it. Feel free to leave your comment below or on Amazon.


National Infertility Awareness Week

Get more information at Resolve.org.

Image courtesy of RESOLVE.org
Image courtesy of RESOLVE.org