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You are Forever Royal: Speak Like it with Consistency

You are royalSometimes I need to ponder my royal status in Christ more often and maybe you do too. Revelation 5:10 assures us of our royal status in this life on earth through Jesus: “And have made us kings and priests to our God; And we shall reign on the earth.”

I need you to put on your math cap for a moment. Remember “If-Then” statements? They show us that if one thing is true and it says/demonstrates the same thing as another, then they are equal. For instance, “If 4+1 =5 and 3+2 =5, then 4+1=3+2.”

The Word of a Royal King

In Ecclesiastes 8:4, we’re told, “Where the word of a king is, there is power…” So here’s the “If-Then” statement I’m proposing: IF we are kings/queens in Christ (and we are, whether we live like it or not), and the word of a king/queen has power, THEN our words must have power! In our natural lives, our words have the power to bind us in an agreement/contract, to involve us in a covenant such as marriage, and to change our circumstances, for better or worse.

Your words act as seeds that will grow and be fruitful. But beware, the soil of your life WILL produce what you plant in it. Stay away from the weed seeds, those words that are nothing but negativity.

As a king/queen, you get to choose what kind of word-seed you will speak into your future and then live with its harvest.

Will you consistently speak word-seeds that yield a harvest of Life and Blessing?

Use Your Tongue for Life


This past weekend, I was privileged to speak at the TCWF Women’s Empowerment Conference. It was striking to hear the response of attendees who were helped by my pointing out the importance and the influence of their words.



English: This is a tongue
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We all need to realize that our words are transporters of power in our lives. Proverbs 18:21 notes that life AND death are in the power of the tongue. When we read and believe words, or when we say and believe words, that leaves an imprint within us that either adds life to our lives or adds death. This death is not necessarily physical but rather it’s a secession or withdrawal of good from our lives. Speaking negatively should be avoided. Speaking negatively can drain us of hope!



Bible hope means to have a confident expectation of good. So speak hope-filled words, believe your words of hope,  and expect something good to be added to your life today. Jesus said His words are life (John 6:63). Why not agree with His words/promises by saying what He said? Speak and believe God’s words and you’ll be speaking life to your life.



Make a decision today to use your tongue for  life!