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Healing: It’s a Jesus Thing and He Does It So Well

From time to time, I find it necessary to boost my confidence in Jesus’ desire for healing our lives. Can you relate?

When I come across scriptures like Mark 7:37, my spiritual eyes open to see Him more clearly. Scriptures like this help me to have more confidence in His ability, in His love for me, and in His willingness to do good things for me:

“He has done all things well.”

The passage where this verse is found relates the account of when Jesus healed the man who was deaf and stammered when he spoke. People brought this man to Him because they had heard that Jesus was the One who had the powerful healing touch.

Healing is What Jesus Does

In this case, Jesus used an unusual method to lay hands on the man. He didn’t just speak to the man and say, “Your faith has made you whole.” Jesus chose to 1) take the man away from the crowd, 2) put His fingers into the man’s ears, 3) spit on His own fingers and place them on the man’s tongue, 4) look toward heaven, 5) groan as He prayed, 6) speak to the man, 7) command the ears and tongue to be thoroughly opened and restored.

Taking the man away from the crowd may have been important because Jesus wanted the man focused only on Him. It would have been easy for the man to become distracted with the crowd surrounding him.

What’s the most effective way you pull away from all that would distract you from looking only to the One who has the best healing hands in the universe?

His Healing Touch

When Jesus put His fingers in the man’s ears, my first thought was, this is how He “laid hands” on people– He’d put His hands on the specific body area that needed healing or restoration. But how can we experience that today when He’s not physically here to lay hands on us? I think using His Word is how we make that connection. After all, Jesus is the Word (John 1). We can “apply” His healing words to our bodies and minds.

OK, I have to say, when reading the next part about Jesus putting His spit on the man’s tongue, I thought that was gross. Imagine a stranger coming to help you and spitting on his fingers before touching you. Wouldn’t you be grossed out?  Wouldn’t you have turned away from the incoming spit? 🙂 But this man was open to whatever method Jesus chose to use in order to receive healing from Him.

Are you open to allowing Jesus to use His preferred method and timing when it comes to healing you?

Notice that this healing did not take place immediately. It didn’t happen when Jesus put His fingers in the man’s ears. It didn’t even happen when His spit touched the man’s tongue. It only happened after Jesus looked toward heaven and then SPOKE. He gave the Father His attention and then spoke what He heard the Father say. He commanded the ears and tongue to be thoroughly opened and restored. The man’s body responded favorably to the words that Jesus spoke.

His Healing Words

The words that Jesus spoke were, and still are, spirit and life (John 6:63). His words are powerful because He always speaks from a position of love…the most powerful force that exists.

So remember to use His words as you speak to your situation/condition that needs healing because Jesus does all things well!

Which of Jesus’ words and promises apply to what you are facing today? Will you speak them to your circumstances?