Sticky Note Thought #2

Sticky Note Thoughts are from a collection of sticky notes of my personal thoughts and revelations.

As quick sources of insight, I hope you’ll find them encouraging, challenging, funny, uplifting, etc. –just what you need at the moment you read it.

sticky note #2


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Focus Friday – Love in Marriage

Maintaining a successful marriage takes work under “normal” circumstances. It is especially important to work at maintaining a strong, hope-filled, and love-based marriage during the stressful circumstances added by a season of infertility.

Here are important some keys about love, as God intended it to be experienced between husband and wife. Focus on how love REALLY is and not as it’s portrayed on television, in romance novels, and online. Focus on God’s love for you and how He wants you to love your spouse.

Get more tips and encouragement in my ebook, Infertility Sucks! How to Maintain Hope in Your Marriage During Infertility.


Love and Marriage


Monday’s Marinade :: Your True Source

We all tend to look in a lot of different directions for the source of something good we’d like to have.

Today, start your week by meditating about how God is the unfailing Source of everything that is good.

Monday’s Marinade is provided to you as a means of “soaking yourself” in the hope-filled Word of God at the beginning of your week.  Repeatedly think about this and quietly say it to yourself.  Marinate and season your week with hope and a confident expectation of good things happening!

Here’s your spiritual marinade to remember your true source:

Monday's Marinade Ps 37-7

Evangeline’s Sticky Note Thought

Sticky Note Thoughts are my random personal thoughts and revelations that I’ve captured on waaaay too many sticky notes scattered around my home. I’ve decided it’s time to share them with the world! :)

I hope that you find them to be a quick source of insight; that you’ll find them encouraging, challenging, funny, uplifting, etc. –just what you need at the moment you read it.


sticky note-distraction - Heb. 12-2
What’s a sticky note thought that you’ve recently had? Please share it!


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Thoughts Get Stuck in the Muck

thoughts in quicksand

Sometimes you get stuck in the muck and mire of your own mind.

Do you ever find yourself thinking renegade thoughts? You know, those thoughts that really don’t line up with what God has said about you as a believer in Jesus and as a possessor of what He died to give you. Sometimes thoughts can come to mind for the sole purpose of bringing you down.  You know where those thoughts come from…right? NOT from God! They come from your enemy, Satan. They come to make you feel stuck in the muck of your circumstances. Think about them long enough and you’ll find yourself  believing that your situation can never change.

But there’s a solution to this problem. There’s a way to become unstuck. How? By resting in God’s promises, trusting that what God has said is what will come to pass in your life. Use His words as your tool and weapon. Here are a few of the many important things God has said about you. Begin to shape your thoughts around them so you won’t get stuck. Believe what He’s said, act as if it’s true, speak your agreement with His words,expect them to come to fruition, and be determined to stand with gratitude until they do. Trust that what He has said is your unshakable truth [Isaiah 55:11].

God has said:

You’re loved by Him just as much as He loves Jesus. [John 17:23]

You’re forgiven. [Colossians 1:13-14]

You’re healed, by Jesus’ stripes. [1 Peter 2:24; Psalm 107:20]

You’re an heir to the blessing of Abraham (which includes having children). [Galatians 3:13-14; Deuteronomy 7:14]

You’re already victorious, because you are in Christ, the ultimate conqueror. [Romans 8:37]


What do you say to your renegade thoughts?

Release your faith and say what God has said!



Focus Friday – Jesus’ Love for YOU

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Meditate on Jesus’ love for YOU instead. His love is unfailing, unending, and undeniably powerful. Believe it works for your benefit. Allow God’s Word about His love to become your Truth.

Focus on this scripture of love throughout the day.

It’s God’s Word about Jesus’  love for YOU.

It’s what He desires you to believe. Believe it is true for you because God’s Word is Truth.

Use it as an affirmation. Speak this Word to yourself throughout the day. Personalize it by putting your name in it!

Jesus' Love


Darkness vs. Light in Your Life

Darkness vs Light

A friend of mine has lost a friend to suicide. How dark life must have appeared to that person. She couldn’t see past the darkness even though the light was always shining.

Have you ever felt that hopeless about situations in your life? Ever felt overwhelmed by the darkness?

I pray that at this very moment, you’ll have eyes to see the light that Jesus is  lovingly making available to you. I pray that through His Word, you’ll be able to experience the hope it brings to your situation.

Jesus’ light shines on, even in the midst of darkness; it cannot be extinguished. Darkness cannot overpower the light His Word brings nor can it take authority over it.  Even in the natural realm, darkness cannot absorb light. Actually, light sends darkness fleeing! Just think about what happens when you flip a light switch or turn on a flashlight. Darkness immediately leaves. You’re able to see!

Light always wins.

Today, allow God’s Word to shine brightly and penetrate your darkest thoughts and your toughest situations.  Here’s how: read it, ponder it, speak it out loud to yourself. Repeat. Repeat again. Repeat until that Word gets rooted inside you and you begin to feel the darkness flee. Renew your partnership with God’s promises that address your situation. It’s your means to see His light.

Flip the switch.



Monday’s Marinade – Don’t Move

Monday’s Marinade is provided to you as a means of “soaking yourself” in the hope-filled Word of God at the beginning of your week. 

There is an account in the Bible about the blind men who came to Jesus asking to be healed:

As Jesus went on from there, two blind men followed Him, screaming loudly, “Have mercy and compassion on us, Son of David (Messiah)!”  When He went into the house, the blind men came up to Him, and Jesus said to them, “Do you believe [with a deep, abiding trust] that I am able to do this?” They said to Him, “Yes, Lord.”  Then He touched their eyes, saying, “According to your faith [your trust and confidence in My power and My ability to heal] it will be done to you.”  And their eyes were opened. ~Matthew 9:27-30 AMP

Rest in knowing that God can be trusted. He wants you to believe His Word is true. He doesn’t want you to move from the stability and power of His Word. 

Here’s your spiritual marinade about believing God’s Word:

Monday's Marinade - Don't Move - Believe

Communication During Infertility

Communication in a marriage is of utmost importance; it is critical if the marriage is going to be the best it can be. Without open and authentic communication, intimacy is negatively affected and that in itself opens the door to other problems. 

Mark 10:9 – What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.

James 1:19 - Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.

Find help about how to strengthen your marriage during infertility in my book, “Infertility Sucks! How to Maintain Hope in Your Marriage During Infertility.”

Today’s post is taken from my friend’s blog over at In-Due-Time. Caroline Harries’ husband, Colby, shares great insights about maintaining open communication and expressing from the heart during their infertility journey. 

Communication is vital to relationships and essential to marriages. We have all heard, experienced, and accepted this important truth. Yet it is these types of foundational truths that we can also take for granted and miss if we become complacent. And communicating specifically in the area of a marriage that is going through infertility is something that has come up for us numerous times. I recently realized where I may have missed key communication that caused recurring heartache for us. Hopefully this will help other couples identify a potential area of hurt and miscommunication.

Read more…

Communication in Marriage

What do you do to maintain open communication with your spouse? 

Monday’s Marinade – Trust Your Security Guard

Who provides security in your life? What are you willing to say about the One who protects you like no other?

We use our words for so many things but Psalm 91 gives us an imperative…DECLARE that the Lord is the your life’s security guard. He is reliable and trustworthy! When you have confidence in someone, you’re willing to boldly say so. Use today’s passage as a means of “soaking yourself” in the hope-filled Word of God by declaring it. Start your week by meditating (thinking and muttering to yourself) on this Word.

Here’s your spiritual marinade about security found in Him: